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Block B x even more running themes // part 1 - part 2

Dance ooh-hoo~
I wanna dance dance dance dance dance

    your life is loser
— huang zitao (via zitoa)
  • 30 Jul 
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  • IU fan challenge: [3/4] favorite photoshoots
    ↳ last fantasy (2011)

    1-minute back

        …As long as our conversation flows well and his butt isn’t flat, it’ll work.
    — CL on her perfect man  (via hephapimp)


    Vita Dolce, Moderato

    Originally it should be ‘Dolce Vita’ which means ’ whenever and whatever, I have to lead a happy life’ but I change it to ‘Vita Dolce’ which means ‘a blissful life’. And for my left should, I have tattooed ‘Moderato’ since I have to remind my self not to run too fast in my life since I also have to watch my sideways with a not-too-fast pace.